The Usefulness Of Cement Bags- Application Areas & Advantages To Know

Posted by Admin on March, 05, 2022

Cement bags are a helpful product to store and carry cement in a good manner. These are manufactured from plastic and high-quality raw material. As per the leading Cement bags manufacturers in India, these bags are created while not adhesives from coated plastic material with multicolour gravure printing. The sack may be created either as a one-layer block bottom valve bag or as an open mouth bag with a block bottom having multicolour gravure printing.

It surpasses all comparable products as a way as resistant to breakage cares, is flexible and conjointly eco-friendly and economical.

Advantages: -

  1. Multicolor Printing offer excellent marking worth
  2. Higher Strength
  3. Reduce area through Higher Stacking
  4. Easy Transportation
  5. Environment Friendly
  6. Good Printing Quality
  7. More market price through additional printing surface
  8. Resists water & wetness
  9. Maximum protection
  10. Manual Or automatic Filling - Sack putting & Filling
  11. Save Product and cash


Building Material: Cement, Gypsum, Lime, alternative Building Materials

Food Products: Flour, Sugar, Salt, Poppy-seed, Yeast, etc.

Chemical industry: Fertilisers, herbicides, packaging of polyolefin pellets, dangerous materials, powders, etc.

Agriculture: Cereals (Corn, Rice), seeds, feed, fodder, etc.

Cement sacks are primarily created of 3 elements namely: Virgin material, Masterbatch and actinic radiation Coating. There are two product outcomes whereas using plain-woven plastic cement sacks: 1) Recycled compound (polypropylene) and 2) calcium carbonate (caco3).

Are cement bags recyclable?

It might come back as a surprise to find out that lined paper bags aren’t reclaimable. After all, they’re largely manufactured from paper, a reclaimable material. And their liners, materials like foil and plastic, are reclaimable, too. Whereas this can be true, it’s not the materials that create lined paper bags a bin no-no. It’s however they’re assembled. For lack of a stronger word, the layers are united along. As a result, they can’t be separated and sorted into their correct streams. That’s why they belong within the garbage.

How to wash cement bags?

The most common methodology of cleansing the cement bags is by water; this enables agglomeration of cement (lumps) that are left within the bag. Hence, 80-85 % of recycled plastic is churned enter grey (not white) and also the remaining 15-20 % is calcium carbonate fashioned from the cement already accessible within the sack.

While washing with air is a choice, it's not widely used given its high price. The output is the same-coloured compound and has less carbonate. The explanation behind these polymers being coloured is because of the utilization of masterbatch or actinic radiation coating while creating them.

How to get premium grade cement bags?

Get it from leading Cement bags manufacturers and suppliers of India. They are available in a wider variety of bags. This can be however they carry up the standard.

Being high-quality bag manufacturer of cement bags they use solely the premium grade material to form the bag of fantastic quality. To supply high-quality plastic bags, they need to establish fashionable weaving, printing, and finishing technologies in our producing facility. These are made up of plain-woven plastic and are available in the varied type of sizes. These might either be placed on pallets or hoisted using normal elevated loops connected to the bags themselves.

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